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entry #1 for spock prime big bang! (posting now because I’ll be away on an eight hour road trip tomorrow from US back to Canada wish me luck hope i won’t fall asleep at the wheel)

Title: Mostly Domestic Bliss
Author: museaway
Pairing: Jim/Spock Prime
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Echo.

This story supposes two things:
1) Jim dropped out of Starfleet and is an architect.
2) He is married to Spock Prime, and they live on New Vulcan.
You can read their love story here. These are their continuing domestic adventures. 

Link: TBA

LINK! http://archiveofourown.org/works/1585643

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Headcannon time: After the 2009 movie, once Spock Prime is assured that the Enterprise crew is safe, the first thing he does, before returning to Vulcan, before anything else, he goes to find Saavik and make sure she’s safe (if she exists in this universe. He can’t let himself feel anything right now, much less hope) and when he does find her, he takes her in and protects her, raises her as a daughter. He even takes advantage of the fact that the High Council can’t afford to throw away his assistance, and uses it to ensure she doesn’t face the discrimination he did. Its’ not even that hard since they can’t really afford to be picky anymore, so he’s able to raise her on Vulcan II. And unsurprisingly (to him at least) she is undeniably the best in her class. She is a perfect student technically with the added bonus of a freer mind, and less rigid control, which also results in her starting fights she can’t win. When she gets teased (because even with his influence Spock can’t be everywhere) she reacts logically, it’s just that sometimes the logical reaction is a violent one. And Spock understands because he knows what it’s like to fight with two halves within yourself, so instead of punishing her he teaches her to sharpen her wit and hone her fighting skills, and basically creates a monster.

It gets even worse when the Enterprise crew starts showing up to tell her about the fights they’ve gotten into, only some of them on Starfleet’s behalf, and after Uhura teaches her to speak Romulan (including some words inappropriate not just for a child but any age, the translation could make even Bones blush) Saavik latches onto the idea of being a Communications Officer, and her eyes are bright and happy as she speaks already fluent Romulan with her new friend.

Soon after she talks to Scotty and Gaila, she wants to be an engineer, and then Chapel and Bones convince her she’s a future doctor, while Sulu and Chekov reckon she’s a navigator at heart, but then Jim gets to her. And from then on she wants to be just like her uncle Jim, because if all these amazing people look up to him then she wants to be just like him and Spock smiles because he always wanted to be like Jim too and he decides the complaints he gets from the elders are worth his surrogate daughter feeling at peace in a way it took a life time for him to achieve.

Saavik having a family that understands and accepts her is much more important than how his elders perceive them. And he knows he made the right decision when years later she triumphantly shows him her letter of acceptance to starfleet with that same brightness in her eyes.

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‘The Left Side of Leonard Nimoy’ Beaded Art Wide Cuff Square Stitched Bracelet with Buttonholes for a (Trek) Cufflink and a Removable Watch Face. One of a Kind.

On the left: my old ‘Spock Prime’ bracelet. On the right: the new beaded cuff with buttonholes and sterling silver watch attachments. The two pieces were not meant to be a match size-wise, but they do, almost, complement each other. Neither piece is for sale.

Click on the pictures below for more views, before and after the watch face was attached.

If you like this, please reblog. I’d like to show off my beaded work to the Trek community and get to hear their opinion :-)

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Anonymous asked: A quick question regarding your Spock Prime chart. Is it just head canon about the holographic pendant he wears? Or is that a point that I somehow missed from the movie? Just curious. And besides that one question, my god do I have the Spock Prime feels too. *hugs*

It is not canon- but it could have been? This actually comes from the script from the 2009 movie. The writers wrote a scene that would have included William Shatner. It was never filmed, and never part of the movie so it is not canon. But it was written by the writers and it ‘could have been’ canon. Until something supersedes this scene as ‘canon’ I think the fandom has decided that it is true.

And poor spock prime- i just want things to be better for him- don’t you?

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God, the deep heartache I feel for Spock Prime. Not only was he alone in the Prime universe (everyone I know, goes away in the end) but he failed in his mission and planets/countless lives were destroyed. (I will let you down, I will make you hurt.)

This vid also utilizes clips from TOS to great effect (I remember everything, what have I become? my sweetest friend) while tying back in with reboot Spock (and you could have it all, my empire of dirt.) This vid perfectly captures that heartache.

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