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Star Trek, Vulcan, and the Universal Translator


So in translation there’s a common issue where a word in one language can link many disparate ideas under a single word that in some way unifies the different ideas as being somehow related. In Sanskrit, for example, the word dharma can mean “law,” “teaching,” “thing,” or the totality of existence.

When translating, the translator has to choose between using the same word each time or to use a different word for the different meanings of the word. Either choice distorts the meaning, so no choice is inherently better or worse than the other.

I hypothesize that this is an issue with the Vulcan language and the word “logic.” I believe that there is a single word in Vulcan that can be variously, and accurately, translated as “logic,” “truth,” “common sense,” “good,” and “accuracy” among other things. The universal translator translates this word as “logic” in every instance, leading to the impression that it is specifically logic that Vulcans value, rather than the far more complex concept denoted by the actual word in Vulcan.

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jim kirk’s snapchat account though, it would be amazing

him posing with the gorn like “aint easy being green” and one of his salad making a frowny face with tomato eyes and a red pepper slice mouth all “thanks a lot BONES”

and then a series of him posing in his tight red exercise pants sent to spock’s account with text like “SPOCK WHAT DO YOU THINK” different angle ”ARE THEY REGULATION STANDARD” another angle ”TOO SMALL OR JUST RIGHT?” from behind “OFFICIAL FIRST OFFICER THOUGHTS?” 



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